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Sustainability and our Green Building

What does it mean for a garage to be green?
It means we're doing the right thing for our environment and our city.

Green Roof
The Convention Center Parking Facility® utilizes a progressive green roof technology in its construction. This system is designed to combine beauty and intelligence—it manages stormwater and provides a growing medium for plants, flowers and eye-catching seasonal displays.

The benefits of this technology are many: reduced energy consumption, filtration of acid rain and air pollutants, noise pollution reduction and those intangible effects gained from being in the presence of a more beautiful, pleasing, livable urban landscape.

Whether it's crocuses in spring or evergreens in winter, our "green garage" will be givinga boost to nature all year long.

Philadelphia has been at the forefront of supporting green roof technology with one of themost progressive programs in the country. We are proud to be part of this effort.

LED Lighting. 
As part of our green initiative, we've installed LED lighting throughout the parking facility. LEDs consume far less energy than incandescent lamps, and achieve
energy efficiency that rivals or surpasses fluorescent sources. 

LED lighting contains nolead or mercury and lasts 100,000 hours or more without failure. Best of all, along with providing green, sustainable solutions, LEDs illuminate our facility with bright, quality light—helping to create an inviting, well-lit, comfortable environment.

EV Charging stations
PEP Electric vehicle charging stations are another sustainable amenity that the Convention Center Parking Facility® is proud to offer as a  more environmentally friendly garage.

Providing a smart, stylish, user-friendly charging station for the electric vehicle driver of today and tomorrow. Equipped with a magnetic strip card reader a driver can simply swipe their card and recharge while helping support the electric vehicle movement, assisting us to lead sustainable, healthier lives.

Re-charge your electric car battery while you work or play!

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